Turkish girl donates one-year pocket money

In a moving reflection of love and a deep desire to help, a nine-year old Turkish girl Merve Tekinay donated her one year’s pocket money and her doll as a contribution to Pakistan’s flood relief effort.

The little Merve, like her other countrymen, shared her most precious things – 150 Turkish Liras in cash and her favourite doll-with the people in distress, in a show of sublime affection for their Pakistani brethren. Merve who hails from Konya, the burial place of Sufi saint Jalaluddin Rumi, also addressed a personal letter to President of Pakistan and assured continued help.

“I will go on sending my help. Don’t worry. We are your best friend,” the hand written letter in Turkish language said. Despite her lack of command on the language; her strong desire to reach out to the millions of displaced by the worst ever flooding in Pakistan, is evident. “I don’t know how much needs, equal to our help for your situation. I send you one year pocket money and my doll. On behalf of our friendship I also send a photo of me.” The young Merve who represents the great Turkish nation having deep regard and feelings of affection for the people.

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